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  • Full Featured Websites
    Integrated IDX, Delayed Lead Capture
    Don't be fooled by vendors advertising low prices, be sure to closely check their list of features.  Many don't even include IDX as a standard feature!

    Our monthly fee includes all our standard features at no additional cost.  And as always, the 1st month is FREE and there is NO Setup Fee.
  • Responsive Websites
    All Web Browsers, Tablets & Smart Phones
    There's no need to spend money on separate solutions.   Our technology is guaranteed to work on all computers, tablets and mobile phones.

    Your clients & leads will be able to search for listings and use all the features of your website at work, at home and on the go.
  • Price Guarantee
    We give you more for your money!
    Website, Mobile Site, Integrated IDX, Lead Capture, CRM, Facebook Application, Mobile Text Lead Capture, Drip Email, SEO and more. has over seven years experience providing superior Real Estate Technology. With thousands of happy customers we're confident in saying, "if you can find any IDX vendor who can provide what we do for less money, we'll beat their price*."
  • Facebook™ Application
    IDX Search & Features Listings on Facebook
    Our Facebook application is a standard feature available to you at no additional cost.

    By adding this application to your Facebook Business page, your visitors will be able to initiate searches, see your featured properties and communicate with you directly from Facebook.
  • Drip Email System
    New Listings, Price Changes, Custom Drip & Mass Email
    Our powerful Drip Email System includes the ability to send New Listings and Price Changes based on your lead's click history. You can add custom Drip Email to do things like targeting frequent site visitors and identifying leads who haven't visited in awhile.

    You can also send mass email to your lead database which is useful for newsletters or changes in the Real Estate market.
  • CRM - Lead Manager
    Convert Leads into Customers with our CRM the Lead Manager
    Our CRM the "Lead Manager" is included with your website. It gives you the tools you need to convert leads into clients.

    You have complete visibility of your leads site activity. You can see homes clicked on, saved homes, add hotsheets for new listings, send email, add notes, add tasks and much more. There is no need for a third party CRM which just adds to your monthly overhead.
  • Website Editing Tools
    Editing Tools and Custom Pages designed for Real Estate
    Your website comes with four tools for adding additional pages to your website. We don't limit you in any way. You can add as many pages as you'd like.

    Our "Search Landing Pages" give you the ability to target "niche markets" in your area. You can create landing pages for specific cities, neighborhoods, map areas and more. These pages are great for helping you improve your site SEO and attract new leads.
  • Teams & Brokerages
    Add your Agents, Assign & Monitor Leads
    By signing up for our Team/Brokerage package you'll have the ability to add an unlimited number of agents, assistants and brokers to the back-end of your site.

    They will have their own login to our CRM where you can assign them leads. We can even add a "Meet our Team" page to your site displaying all your agents and their listings.
  • SMS Text Lead Generation
    Capture Leads Directly from your Listing Signs
    Our Mobile Text Response feature allows people to request your listing information by sending a mobile phone SMS text. You'll be immediately notified of the request and your lead will be sent to the mobile version of your website to view your listing info. Simply add a rider to your signs and start generating new leads.

Website Standard Features

One Month Free Trial**
Go ahead and try one of our sites free for a month. You can cancel any time within the first month and you won't be charged a cent. After the trial period you will be billed monthly however you can cancel at any time. We believe in earning your business, not locking you in.

Our Price Guarantee*
We're so sure we provide the best value for your dollar, if you can find any Real Estate Website Provider who has the same features at a lower price, we'll beat it! Our goal is to not only provide you with the best technology to run your business, but the best technology at the best price.

Professional Designs
All of our websites are professionally designed with an emphasis on property search. We have learned through years of observation exactly what a prospective buyer and seller want from a site, and that is what we provide. All our designs were built to provide easy access to Google and the other major search engines resulting in better SEO placement.

Search Engine Optimization
Our websites are designed from the start with SEO in mind. Our average customer has over 1,000 pages indexed by Google, Yahoo and Bing. We have customers with over 100,000 pages indexed on Google! You get access to Title Tags, Meta-Tags, Page Content and four tools to enhance your site with additional smart pages and our IDX is completely integrated which provides the search engines with the ability to spider every listing on the MLS.

Integrated IDX
All our designs are built around IDX to provide prospective clients with what they really notch searching and property listings. This is the best way to capture leads and provide a service people actually want to use, day after day. We support numerous MLS providers including WFRMLS, Metrolist, RMLS, IRES, ABOR, CRMLS, Sandicor and more.

Social Networking Support
Building your brand using today's Social Networking tools should be a critical part of your marketing strategy. Our websites include links to your Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Google+ and Pinterest pages. We make it easy for your site users to like and recommend pages on your site and we provide you with a Facebook application for your business page allowing Facebook users to initiate searches and view featured properties.

Mobile Phone Support
Your website will include integrated support for Mobile Phone users including iPhone®, Android®, BlackBerry®, Sony®, MOTO® and a host of others. Your clients will love the ability to lookup prices while out and about, and scheduling a showing with you will be one click away!

Auto-Hotsheets and Drip Email
Your website will keep track of every home your leads click on. Then on a daily basis the system will send your leads New Listing and Price Change email keeping them up to date on the market. You can also create custom drip email campaigns as well.

Lead Generation
Delayed Lead Capture is a tried and true approach to generating leads. By showing people what they will get on your site before asking for personal information you wind up with a much higher percentage of people signing up with you. Once registered, your leads will automatically receive new listings and price changes via email.

Facebook Application
You can enhance your Facebook Business Page by adding our Facebook Application. This will allow your fans to initiate property searches and view your featured properties directly on your Facebook Business page. In addition all our websites support Social Networking from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and external Blogs.

SMS Text Response
Our Mobile Text Response feature allows people to request your listing information by sending a mobile phone SMS text. You'll be immediately notified of the request and your lead will be sent to the mobile version of your website to view your listing info. Simply add a rider to your signs and start generating new leads.

Live Online Help
All our designs support Live Online Help via You'll be able to help your visitors online as they are using your website. See who is on your site in 'real time'. Provide live support from anywhere, all you need is an internet connection. There is no additional cost for this service.

QR Codes
Your website will automatically display QR Codes on all property pages and flyers. You also have the ability to print QR Codes to display on your signs. When a lead scans your QR Code they will be immediately directed to the mobile version of your website to view photos, info and schedule showings.

Our websites are quite customizable. You're free to change any of the graphics on your site. You can create an unlimited number of custom web pages, search landing pages, property group pages and blog entries. You can upload files and images to use on your site or share with your customers.

Lead Management Tools
After you've captured a lead use our lead management tools to communicate with the lead, add notes, add tasks, manage transactions. You can also view all the homes clicked on by your lead. You can see homes in their favorites list along with ratings and notes added by the lead.

Optimized for Search Engines (SEO)
Our web-servers are designed and setup to ensure there are no barriers to search engines. You can modify your titles and meta tags. You can take advantage of our powerful tools to target niche keywords in your market. Our IDX is integrated into your site which allows search engines to index all MLS listings under your domain.

Craigslist Ads makes it easy for you to post your listings on Craigslist providing additional exposure to your listings and more traffic to your website.

Integrated Blog
A Blog isn't only a great way to provide information to your clients and leads, it should also be an important part of your search engine optimization plan. Since our Blog is completely integrated into your site, search engine spiders will associate every word with your site. This gives you the best opportunity to target keywords and show relevance.

Unlimited Custom Pages and Links
Our site editing tools make it quite easy for you to create new pages and provide links to other sites. The page editor is simple to use working much like a word processor. No knowledge of web design or programming is needed to create your own custom web pages.

Website Usage Reports & Statistics
All our designs are totally compatible with Google Analytics which is a free website reporting tool. You'll be able to see literally hundreds of reports showing exactly how your site is being utilized.

Adding Video is a Snap!
Our website editor makes it simple to add video to your website. If your video is on YouTube simply cut-and-paste your YouTube code directly into our editor, save the page and you're ready to go. You can also upload videos to your web-space and link to them directly.

Instant Leads, Showing and CMA Requests
Busy REALTORS® don't always have time to check email. No worry, our system will text you any time a new lead signs up on your site, requests a showing or needs you to create a CMA report. You can even add a instant message widget to your site allowing leads to text you at will.

Your Own Domain Name
You can use an existing domain name for your site or we can acquire a new name for you. In either case your domain name is always your property. We simply change your DNS settings to point at our web servers. WARNING: never work with a company that requires complete control over your domain!

Free Upgrades
As we create new features and improve our technology we will roll these upgrades into your package for free. For example, we recently added support for the iPhone. All our customers automatically received this upgrade at no additional charge.

Customer Support
We take pride in offering what we feel is the best customer support in our field. We provide support via telephone, email and chat. In most cases, our customer support is free to all our clients and we try to respond to your questions and needs the same day.

Email with WebMail Support
Your website will include your very own email address. You can check your email from Outlook, iMail, your smart phone or any other email program. You can also check your email on the web using any computer with internet access.

Non-MLS Listings
We realize there are times when it would be nice to present properties which are not listed on your local MLS. Our websites give you the ability to market Residential, Leases, Land & Lots, Income and Commercial properties which are not listed on your MLS.

More Information
While this list of features gives you an idea of what to expect, it is in no way complete. The only way to get a good grasp of all we offer is to try a website with us FREE for a month. There is no risk to you, we'll get you setup and running as soon as you're approved by your MLS. Let's go... just click here.



Cultivating strong relationships with Real Estate Agents is an important key to becoming more successful as a Mortgage Professional.  By taking advantage of our Co-Marketing system you can partner with one or more Real Estate Agents.  You can optionally pay all or a portion of the agent's monthly website fees while at the same time taking advantage of the benefits below:

  • You'll have complete control over the Mortgage/Home Loans Page on all associated agent websites.
  • Every property page on the associated websites will be branded with your information within the Loan Calculator.
  • You will be included on all New Listing and Price Change drip email generated by the system.
  • Our Lead Manager (CRM) gives you access to all leads in one central location regardless of how many agents you partner with.  Add notes, tasks, track loan status, send email, view click history and more.
  • Receive instant notification any time a new lead signs up on one of your associated agent websites.
  • Any change you make to your account, mortgage/home loans page or interest rates will automatically be applied to all your partner websites.

The cost for this program is only $29.95 per month and there is no limit to the number of agent sites you can partner with.  If you're not satisfied you can cancel at any time.

Customer Reviews
"I just can't say enough about The startup process was quick and simple, and I had a live, up and running website in less than two days - that's right, two days. I had spent the previous 6 months, and over $4,000 with another web design company and had received nothing in that 6 months, so to have my site up in 2 days was unbelievable (not to mention a whole lot less expensive!). And the site management tools are amazing! I've been able to bring my imagined website to life, just as I wanted it to be, with little more than a basic working knowledge of Microsoft Word (and I do mean basic). I've been so impressed with the sites and the service, that I created a second website through for the second real estate board I am a member of. Nothing says 'satisfied' like a repeat customer. Thank you!"

BJ Christianson, REALTOR®
Summit Sotheby's International Realty
" and their staff are phenomenal! I own two sites that I use with. They offer great designs that look fantastic and are very SEO friendly! Everyone of my clients rants and raves about how much they enjoy the site, because it is easy to navigate. I especially love the drip email and lead system. It truly makes owning a real estate website easy and most certainly affordable."

Justin Robins, REALTOR®
Market Edge Real Estate
"Just a quick note to tell you how much I love ProAgentWebsites and what a difference it has made to my business. I can add as many pages and add content with ease, advertise on Craig's list in a matter of seconds, add QR codes for any property I'm promoting and when bells and whistles are added through you... it's all there for me, with no added hassle or fees. You create cool, functional tools and pass them on. The last thing and certainly not the least is that your customer service is second to none. Any and all questions are addressed quickly and correctly which I really appreciate. I will say to anyone looking to create a web presence and or build on their existing presence should check out and if you have any questions or want to hear more please contact me anytime. "

Sean McGallis, REALTOR®
Keller Williams Realty
"I am a small agency that needed to have a big look without spending a mint on getting it ready on short notice. ProAgentWebsites got the job done for me. I get leads nearly every day in a very competitive market and my clients love the ease of use they have in getting on the site and researching homes in our area. Great job."

Jimmie Boyd, Broker
Jimmie R. Boyd, Inc
"Just wanted to say how pleased I am with ... they were fantastic in helping me setup my website to fit my specific business. They're also VERY responsive to requests for help ... that was critical as we worked on Search Engine Optimization. I also really like the direct IDX integration ... it is exactly the functionality clients are demanding in today's internet driven market."

Nick Coleman, REALTOR®, SFR, CNE
Summit Sothebys International Realty
"My career as a Realtor has become much easier and more organized with my Pro Agent Website! I have easily doubled my business because of my website. I love it and will never stop using it. One of my clients recently said "We chose you as a Realtor because of your website." The client management system has helped me to become more organized than I have ever been which has increased my sales as well. Thanks Pro Agent Websites!"

Mitch Manley, REALTOR®
Alpine Realty
"The feedback I have received from clients on my ProAgent Website has been phenomenal! I recently replaced my custom website, which I had tediously developed over the past eleven years. I was just not getting the traffic I needed anymore and finally conceded that I needed a more 'Google friendly' site. I have several new buyers that I am working with as a result of my new website. In this market we know that Buyers are Gold!!"

Marilyn Haas
EZ Colorado Real Estate
"I have had a ProAgent Website for over 2 years, which is really saying something as I have tried or done demos of the majority of the other players in the real estate website arena over my ten plus years. In short this is the best real estate website you can get. As an agent I appreciate the listing alerts (favorites and prospecting viewing), the easy of creating custom pages (if you can use Word you can use their web-editor), and email marketing. From the consumers perspective they love it. I have had on more than one occasion first time visitors on my site remark on how this was exactly the type of site they needed to help in the selection of their home."

Mike Gold, REALTOR®
RE/MAX Alliance
Customer Website Samples
MLS: Park City
MLS: Metrolist
MLS: Sandicor
MLS: Metrolist
MLS: Sandicor
MLS: Sandicor

You won't be called by a sales person trying to up-sell you.  You'll get all our features including IDX for one low price, your 1st month is FREE, there are no setup fees and no contracts, you can cancel at any time!

PRICE GUARANTEE: We're so sure we provide the best value for your dollar, if you can find any Real Estate Website Provider who has the same features at a lower price, we'll beat their price!

Select your MLS from the list below:

Single Agents: $59.95/Month
Teams & Brokerages: $79.95/Month
Setup Fee: FREE
First Month: FREE
NOTE: If your MLS is not listed above, we do not currently provide service for it.  For more information regarding support of your MLS please email
* Price match good for any regional or national real estate website vendor who provides real estate websites with integrated IDX and the features found on this page.  This offer does not include promotional pricing.

** First month free does not include MLS dues payable by the MLS subscriber and is only offered to first time customers.


How to Get Started

Getting started with is as simple as 1,2,3.  Just follow the steps below and we can have your site up and running within one business day of MLS approval.

  1. Select your Design Number by clicking the "Designs" link at the top of this page.
  2. Sign Up for your new website by clicking the "SIGN UP" button at the top of this page.
  3. Check your email.  After ordering you'll receive instructions via email.
And as always, if you have any questions along the way just click the "Contact Us" link at the top of the page or call our toll-free number (888) 340-3669.